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The Client Solution Misconception

The Client Solution Misconception

Throughout the years, I have listened to many entrepreneur discuss their companies’ unrivaled customer support. However, taking into account the specify of the modern marketplace, it becomes clear that this is an insurance claim no company can honestly make. We live in a culture that is swamped with advertising for several years, and among the unfortunate outcomes is that we’ve become very negative towards marketing messages. I directly have too often times listened to companies claim they have great customer support just to experience the opposite when handling them. In today’s marketplace, great customer support is a verb not a noun. Simply declaring that the firm has great customer support isn’t enough, one must actually participate in great customer support to in purchase to really have it Triplle168

Zappos is a fantastic situation study showing a business that really views customer support as a verb. Their tagline discreetly says “Powered by Solution”. They do not claim to be the best, but simply specify that it is a component of that they are. And by being that they are, it is become what they do. On their website, there’s no mention of the expression “great solution.” Rather, they show it in 4 main ways:

The Telephone Number. In an age where companies are doing everything they can to avoid speaking with you, Zappos does the exact opposite. They do everything they can to obtain you on the telephone because if so, your chance of building a connection with them and returning to buy more is a lot greater. It is not an procedures expense (make it as reduced as possible), it is an advertising expense (maximize your time before your customers).
Live Chat. In situation you do not seem like talking, Zappos is ready to chat with you rather.
365 Day Return Plan. Great plan that helps customers overcome their worries of buying shoes online that need to be tried out.
Free Shipping Both Ways. Another great plan that overcomes consumers’ worries of buying shoes online.
If, such as Zappo’s, your company’s customer support is a key differentiator for your brand name, do not discuss it. Find concrete ways for your customers to experience it. Discussing great customer support isn’t enough any longer. Customers anticipate and demand activity. Do not fall victim to the misconception that customer support is simply an expression, but rather treat it such as a verb and permit great solution to become a specifying characteristic of your company.

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